Friday, September 3, 2010


"Like poetry, fashion does 
not state anything. 
It merely suggests".
Karl Lagerfeld

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The First Day of Spring!

The excitement of this glorious first day of August could be sending me a little crazy but I think somewhere inside I have this belief that the moment the first day of Spring begins the sun shall not stop shining for the next six months!
The birds were singing louder today, the ocean smelt more beautiful than yesterday and the coffee art* at my favourite cafe seemed to be dancing around that cup this morning!

I am ready for the sunshine.
I am excited to be bringing you a beautiful new collection of jewels.
And I am most certainly ready for creams, neutrals and beautiful tropical colours to wear back with layers of our barton&bell 'Leilani' necklaces.

Leilani [lay-LAH-nee] (Of Hawaiian origin) Heavenly flower or heavenly lei. A lei is the familiar Hawaiian necklace made from flowers or shells. It symbolizes regard and love for the person to whom it is given.

Happy first day of Spring!

* Is it still called 'coffee art' if I haven't grown up yet and am still drinking hot chocolates?!