Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tu Media Naranja Collection

barton&bell's 'tu media naranja' is a Mexican love story...
'tu media naranja' chronicles the journey of finding your 'half orange' - that other half, your perfect match...
Inspired by the colourful designs of the game Loteria; El Corazon (the heart), La Rosa (the rose), El Sol (the sun) and La Luna (the moon) have been selected to tell a tale of love and romance.
In a bold bright colour palette reminiscent of the playful theatre and colourful traditions of Mexico the collection weaves together luxe leathers, silver, brass and semi-precious stones encapsulating imagery of Mexico and it's unique culture and arts.

'El Sol & La Luna'
The sun (masculine) and the moon (feminine) are seen as a love story. Where the sun will bear down on any given subject the moon softly enfolds our attention. She is considered a luminary but produced no light of her own accord. She is reliant upon the sun's light to make her 'glow'.

All Artwork by Danny Sixx for barton&bell

'Dia de los Muertos' (Day of the Dead)
A day of celebration, November 2nd The Day of The Dead focuses on family and friends gathering to remember the dead. A day to truly celebrate and enjoy those they remember the Mexicans are unique in their culture for on this day they will laugh and even joke about the deceased. Graves are visited and private altars are built with gifts of marigolds, the favourite food, candies and beverages of the departed and brightly coloured sugar skulls. After a full day of festivties the people continue the gathering to eat the food left on the altar.
The arts of Mexico are heavily influenced by imagery from 'Dia de los Muertos'.
This range depicts the brightly decorated sugar skulls synonymous with the Day of the Dead.